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Subdomain vs ccTLD for multinational SEO?

Автор: aapn77. Последнее редактирование: 2019-03-27 18:05:10

Hello everyone...
I have a .co (no, not .com) address but I want to rank in the UK. I am writing content which is quite significantly better to the one ranking in UK Google. It's not ranking properly.
Now I'm thinking about switching to either .co.uk or .co/uk or .com/uk. I understand that country-specific URL is favoured for ranking in that country. But what if I move to the next country at one point - seems that there are going to be 2 different sites without any connection in Google's eyes, so I would basically have to start building backlinks and page authority from scratch?
The other question is about moving to the US later. They are both English-speaking countries, so I could use the exact same blog posts for these countries. But I cannot duplicate them to the .com URL, if I already have them at .co.uk? If Google doesn't recognize that this is the same company, it's gonna look like plagiarism.
Any ideas of how to restructure my page to rank in foreign countries, while wanting to use the same content for English-speaking countries?
Thank you!

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13.04.2019 14:33:09 #
Google Chrome aapn77
my issue has been solved!!
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