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Workflow setup for FFT!!

Автор: aaron77. Последнее редактирование: 2019-04-19 15:46:11

If I wanted write a DSP to perform FFT on a wav file using a windows machine, what set up would be ideal for a beginner?
What language? What IDE? Etc..?
Is there a step by step I could follow to perform my first FFT on a wav from scratch for the first time?
I would like to create images of the results, but I would also like to write other code to make decisions based on results.
Are some languages better suited for FFT in terms of speed? Reliability?
Think of me as a blank canvas where if you had to set up a machine to perform FFT, what would you need to download? What code would you write? How would you run it?

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30.04.2019 23:46:31 #
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